The Number One Reason to come to New Jersey Six Flags…..The Roller Coasters.


New England professors bring their physics classes to New Jersey Six Flags for good reason. Our roller coasters nearly defy the laws of gravity, with speeds traveling from 0 to 128 MPH in less than 4 seconds.


New Jersey Six Flags Park boasts the number one roller coaster collection in all of North America. Sold? We thought you might be! Let’s check out our list of the Top 4 Roller Coasters at New Jersey Six Flags!


How does one even begin to compare the greatest roller coasters of North America? The following list is based on how to have the best New Jersey Six Flag Park experience.  




Minimum Height: 42″ with adult


The Dark Knight rules as the king of Gotham City, but beware! The Joker roams near!

Start your New Jersey Six Flags Park experience off strong with The Dark Knight Coaster. Gotham City takes you into the world of darkened alleys and busy street squares. At the Dark Knight Coaster, you help “the batman” finally catch the joker as you move around 180 degree turns inside this abandoned subway. This indoor roller coaster provides something for the whole family. Even mom will laugh at the Jokers’ crazy antiques.


2. HARLEY QUINN Crazy Train

Minimum Height: 41″ with adult


Once you’ve caught The Joker it’s only fair you pay his “one and only” a visit.

All aboard! Harley Quinn Crazy Train ranks second on our list for both location and experience. Located near The Dark Knight Coaster, Harley Quinn only reaches speeds of only 22 MPH, making this roller coaster another great choice for the whole family. Release your inner villain as this coaster twists over hills in the shape of figure eight. Watch as Gotham’s superheroes attempt to stop the “crazy” from wreaking havoc on Gotham City.



Minimum Height: 54″


64 MPH and 154 FT Maximum Elevation

Need we say more?


After the slower speeds of the Harley Quinn, the speed derelicts of the family will be itching for something fast. Green Lantern is the third on our Best Roller Coaster of New Jersey Six Flags list because it’s the perfect fix for adrenaline fans. Be Forewarned! This coaster brings you more than what you might expect. Green Lantern starts off with a dramatic 155FT plunge. Experience the life of a real superhero as you zig and zag through the air like the Green Lantern.


4. Kingda Ka

Minimum Height: 54″


This roller coaster is out of this world!

Don’t bother grabbing lunch between three and four on our best roller coasters of New Jersey Six Flags List. The Kingda Ka may rank last, but only because this coaster requires some serious previous daredevil experience. Kingda Ka is the fastest roller coaster in North America. Not impressed? Kingda Ka is also the world’s tallest roller coaster. Who really wants to be Superman when this roller coaster takes you from speeds of 0 to 128 MPH in less than 4 seconds? Fly up to 45 Stories (456FT) to the top with our “King” of all coasters.